There are different types of physical therapy for lower back pain that greatly benefits people that suffer from such conditions, however the benefits of physiotherapy obviously depends on the severity and location of the disease. For example, if a person suffers from back pain, they can obtain many benefits from targeted physiotherapy and exercise offered by a professional physiotherapist. Generally, the goal of physiotherapy is to reduce back pain, improve functionality and provide education on pain management solutions. Most symptoms can be resolved through focused exercise and physical therapy, and do not require more intensive treatment like surgery. On the other hand, if an older person with osteoarthritis of the knee wishes to receive physical therapy, he may not be able to get great benefit unless they rest the key body area where they experience pain.

Physiotherapy is one of the techniques for the treatment of pain through controlled physical maneuvers and stretching. It will be useful in many situations and is a great option as it does not require surgical or medical intervention and patients can experience great pain relief. It is a known fact that every natural person could not benefit from physiotherapy. During this treatment, the physiotherapist offers muscle and stretching exercises that relieve pain and reduce inflammation in the region. The muscles around the painful area become stronger and the stiffness of the muscles decreases. You have to remember that muscle structures are different in different people. Therefore it would be much better to consult your doctor before going to a physiotherapy session.

Types of exercises

There are different types of physical therapies and exercises that a physiotherapist can offer to people who suffer from back pain and wish to alleviate their long-term problems.

Physiotherapy exercises can be divided into two categories. The exercises performed by a physiotherapist are referred to as active exercises, whereas exercises performed by patients on their own body are called passive exercises.

Passive exercises are also necessary along with active exercises and give good results to relieve low back pain. These exercises are simple and can be performed independently by the patient in their free time. It is recommended that patients perform stretching exercises for the tendon muscles. These exercises are much simpler and can be done easily without outside help. Patients are also trained to perform exercises to strengthen the lumbar muscles. However, all these exercises; It requires regularity to obtain the full benefit and pain relief.


Before starting physiotherapy for back pain, it is best to consult a doctor who studies and determine the true nature of the problem. He can give you a useful suggestion to relieve pain. Usually, a health professional or doctor provides advice about physiotherapy. Physiotherapy for lower back pain is also used to treat people who are virtually disabled due to pain, that is, they cannot function normally. For them, a combined program of exercises and physical therapy treats them on two levels. The exercise program can stretch the muscles and restore their normal functionality. To prevent pain again, you can continue with this exercise even after relieving pain.